• An exciting new challenging NES-inspired game for devoted retro fans

  • A love letter to the old school era with a lot of references to the classics

  • Fight enemies, solve puzzles and jump your way through this action/adventure game

An evil power plagues the people and it’s up to you to set them free. You must travel to the land of Alwa and help the people living there to awaken from their nightmare… You are Zoe, a normal everyday girl who just happens to like to play video games. One late night when she’s just enjoying her favourite game she suddenly finds herself dozing off and when she awakens she has been brought into the game and into the land of Alwa.

Alwa’s Awakening is an adventure game made for modern platforms but with the feel and look of a Nintendo 8-bit game. We’re inspired by old NES games such as Battle of Olympus and Solstice but also new games like Battle Kid and the Trine series. Release date and platform is yet to be determined but make sure you follow us on Twitter for updates and other fun stuff.

  • An exciting new challenging NES-inspired game for devoted retro fans!
  • Fight enemies, solve puzzles and jump your way through this action/adventure game
  • Listen to a completely new 8-bit soundtrack composed by Robert Kreese
  • Graphics with so many sweet pixels you won’t be able to count them all
  • A love letter to the old school era with a lot of references to the classics
  • Non-violent fun for the entire family

The story of how Alwa’s Awakening came to be started in the autumn of 2014. After spending an evening at a friend’s house playing NES Mikael started dreaming big about making his own game. Problem was – he had never made a game before. He realized he had to think this through and find people that could help him and step one was to get his thoughts down in a game design document. He started and within a few days there was a 14-page document detailing pretty much everything.

The plan was to first attract a pixel artist so the game mockup would look good. He sent the document to Alexander; a pixel artist he had heard of that he knew was really talented. Alex liked what he saw and said yes to do the graphics for the game. Great success! With a design document and a pixel artist on board it wasn’t that hard to convince Robert Kreese to do the music for the game. Mikael had known Kreese for a couple of years since they both worked as organizers on RSM, which is the largest Retro Convention in Scandinavia. Now the team was almost complete! He just had to find someone to actually program the game…

If you don’t really know that many programmers where do you turn? Twitter of course! A tweet was sent in both Swedish and English and by asking some prominent retro personalities it was reached by quite many. A few hours and many tweets later a few people had show interest but the most promising and interesting person was sitting just a few desks away. Mikael’s co-worker Kevin jumped on board the project and suddenly we had a whole team!

We started working on Alwa’s Awakening for real in October 2014 and the plan is to make a action/adventure game inspired by old school classic such as Battle of Olympus and Solstice but also new games like Battle Kid and Trine. We don’t have a release date and platform for the game but we’re hoping to release Alwa’s Awakening on modern consoles and platforms sometime in the future. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for delicious pixel updates.

Alexander Berggren

Pixel Artist

Our pixel magician who spends hours after hours putting all the pixels together into cool art. Lives in the rainy city of Borås and sports a wicked beard and old man’s cap which makes him look smart and sophisticated. Loves Sega games because Sega does what Nintendon’t.


Robert Kreese

Music Artist

Likes retro games, retro music and retro graphics. Organizer of Retrospelsmässan, the largest retro convention in Scandinavia. Kreese likes things that go blip and blop and therefore composes the soundtrack to the game. Probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet.


Kevin Andersson


Kevin is our programmer and when he‘s not at his job making games he’s at home making games. Young multi-talented guy with a lot of different skills. Has such a thick accent that no one ever understands him. For some weird reason considers himself extremely handsome.


Mikael Forslind

Game Designer

The one on the team who decided to make this game. Also the only one on the team who’s never made a real game before. Think he’s the game designer but in fact only does what Kevin wants him to. Secretly dreams of being able to speed run Battle Kid 2 and Dark Souls.


Here you can follow how much progress we’ve made on the game so far. If you want an email when the game is ready to be released enter your email below.

Progress 90%

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Nintendo Life

“Alwa’s Awakening is currently 15 percent complete, but is already looking pretty fantastic.”

Nintendo LifeArticleNintendo Life
Always Nintendo

“We want Alwa’s Awakening to play like the Trine games, but with pixels and sweet chip music!”

Always NintendoInterviewAlways Nintendo
Indie Game Magazine

“With an 8-bit style soundtrack composed by Robert Kreese, and lots of in-game nods to classic NES titles, Alwa’s Awakening is bound to awaken the retro fan in you.”

Indie Game MagazineArticleIndie Game Magazine (July issue)
IGN Sweden

“Alwa’s Awakening is being developed to play like a NES game and we’re following almost all the restrictions there are.”

IGN SwedenInterview (Swedish)IGN Sweden
Pixel Empire

“Alwa’s Awakening takes some of the best ideas from the retro NES games and places them in a modern coat, while also retaining the visual style and musical inspiration from the older games.”

Pixel EmpireArticlePixel Empire
Eurogamer Sweden

“Alwa’s Awakening feels like a genuine and lovely retro-inspired experience. With a good level of challenge and interesting puzzles, this can be something that stands out from other indie games.”

Eurogamer SwedenPreview (Swedish)Eurogamer Sweden

Also check out the Let’s Play of  the Alwa’s Awakening demo on YouTube from Wii-kly Reviews.

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